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We’re Now on Facebook!

Hello friends,

We’ve moved to Facebook! Follow Mississauga Green for how you can get involved with your green community, and tips and tricks for living a green life all year round.

The Mississauga Living Green Blog will officially close by the end of 2016.

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Thank you for following this blog over the years. We’ve loved connecting with each and every one of you. We hope to see you on Facebook!

The Mississauga Environment Team



Take the Freedom Pass Green Challenge this Summer!

Do you have a Freedom Pass? Are you a Mississauga resident between the ages of 12 – 14 years old? If so, take the Freedom Pass Green Challenge!

How to Enter

1. Take Action
From July to August, use your Freedom Pass to travel to green activities around the city such as tree planting events, farmers markets and more.

2. Snap a Selfie
Submit your “proof” of action by taking a selfie with your Freedom Pass, while engaged in the action.

3. Share
Upload your selfie to your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account using #freetobegreen.

For full contest details and green activities, visit


Protect Your Pet from Ticks and Lyme Disease

Tick populations in Ontario are increasing and although Mississauga isn’t a high risk area it’s important to check your pets regularly for ticks.

A tick can’t fly or jump but can crawl on a victim in grassy or wooded areas. Ticks are often hard to see because they are less than 3 mm or as small as the head of a pin. The bite is often painless but once attached it becomes engorged with blood and is easier to see. There are many types of ticks but the black-legged tick is the variety that can carry Lyme disease.

The best way to protect your pet is to avoid areas known to have high tick populations, That doesn’t mean that you can’t come into contact with a tick in Mississauga. Warmer climates and migratory birds are contributing to ever-changing tick populations.

Get in the habit of doing regular visual and physical examinations of your pet after being outdoors and consider a visit to your veterinarian to discuss tick prevention options. If you find a tick on your pet, take it to your veterinarian for testing or to Peel Public Health if you find it on yourself. For more information please visit



Make a Splash at Earth Market Mississauga

Mississauga’s first Earth Market of 2016 will be at Riverwood on May 28th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. In partnership with The Riverwood Conservancy and Visual Arts Mississauga, the Earth Market provides a one-stop-shop opportunity to learn and engage in green activities. Take part in water-themed workshops, shop green vendors, listen to live music from Mississauga’s own Latin Train, watch a film screening of the feature documentary Watermark, and much more!  There are fun environmental activities for the whole family.

Visit to see the list of activities, workshops and exhibitors.

Taste, Learn, Shop, Love

Celebrating what’s green in your community!


Your Fusion Garden Oasis Awaits

With warm weather here, our focus shifts to hosting backyard barbeques and relaxing on the porch. Your Fusion Garden® oasis awaits.

Fusion Landscaping® is a trend in landscaping and garden design that encourages textured, colourful gardens using eco-chic flowers, plants and trees. This environmentally-friendly form of landscaping is easier to maintain than traditional gardens and helps by using less water.

Fusion Gardens include:

  • Colourful perennials, planted in groups to provide colour and visual impact
  • A range of ornamental grasses for texture and movement
  • Trees and shrubs that give height and shade
  • A thick layer of mulch to help retain moisture in the soil and minimize weeds


The Region of Peel offers a free Fusion Garden Design to residents within the Region of Peel. Trained advisors will visit your home and help get you started on your Fusion Garden oasis.

During your consultation, our trained advisors will:

  • Show you ways to create a modern, environmentally-friendly space
  • Give you a personalized garden plan and plant list
  • Provide step-by-step instructions for building your garden
  • Outline how much soil and mulch you will need
  • Estimate the cost of your garden
  • Explain how to control pests and weeds naturally
  • Show you how to save time, energy and water

Consultations are available May to August. Call 905.791.7800 X4409 or visit


Get Involved. Green your City.

This Earth Days (April 18-23), help make Mississauga a world class green city. Celebrate Earth Days 2016 and participate in many events happening across the city!

  • April 20: #SaugaEarthDays Twitter chat – Join @MiLivingGreen on April 20 to talk Stormwater in Spring. Can’t join in? Submit your questions to
  • April 19: Greening Your Grounds Workshop – This workshop hosted by Toronto Region Conservation Authority will provide tips and tricks on what you can do to manage stormwater on your property.
  • April 21: Litter Awareness Blitz – Transit Enforcement Officers and the MiWay Outreach Team will engage with travellers about litter awareness at the following Transit Terminals: Meadowvale Town Centre, South Common Centre and Westwood Mall.
  • April 22: 20-Minute Makeover – Join the thousands of participants across Ontario who will volunteer for 20 minutes to pick up litter around their workplace, school or community.
  • April 23: One Million Trees Planting – Join this tree planting event at Heatherleigh Park in partnership with the Credit Valley Conservation, Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests, Association for Canadian Educational Resources and Evergreen.
  • April 23: Kick Off Your Garden Season Workshop – Join Ecosource at the Iceland Teaching Garden to kick off the garden season with spring preparations.

For more information about Earth Days 2016 and to register, please visit

It is important to live green year-round, not just during the month of April. You can get involved all year by adopting a street or park for litter clean ups, joining a One Million Trees planting program, volunteering as a Community Green Leader and disconnecting your downspout.

Part of living green is saving energy. Find tips to save energy at work and at home on the City of Mississauga’s Mitigation Monday Storify page.

Visit or follow @MiLivingGreen on Twitter for more ways to live green all year.

Remember – Earth Day is every day!



Volunteer at Earth Market Mississauga

The City of Mississauga’s next Earth Market will take place on Saturday, May 28th at Riverwood Park. This event will feature water themed workshops and environmental displays, market vendors, a plant sale, and other fun activities for the whole family.

Volunteer recruitment for the Earth Market is now underway. We’re looking for face painters, parking attendants, set-up assistants and greeters. Email by April 15th, 2016 if you’re over 14 years of age and interested in volunteering to take part in this fabulous community event.



Earth Hour – Lights Out!

Celebrate the hour! Earth Hour’s 10th lights out event is happening on Saturday, March 19 from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. We’re switching off all our non-essential lights at all of our City facilities for the hour.

There are plenty of ways to show your commitment to creating a brighter future. Invite your friends over for a candlelit dinner, play board games, go for a nighttime walk, stargaze or exercise by candlelight – the possibilities are endless!

Visit and follow @MiLivingGreen on Twitter for more ways to live green and reduce your energy all year.





Grab Your Shovel and Be a Good Neighbour

When the snow flies, dragging the snow blower out of your garage may be the quickest way to get rid of snow but doing it the old fashioned way by shovelling is certainly more eco-friendly.

When the snow starts, shovel early before it piles and gets too heavy to shovel or do a bit at a time. Ergonomic or bucket shovels can make shovelling less back-breaking, but if it’s too much for you, seek help shovelling from a neighbourhood kid.

If you do require a snow blower to clear your driveway, consider a battery, electric, or hybrid-powered snow blower instead of gasoline-powered ones as they are friendlier to the environment.

Good neighbourhoods are all about the residents. When the snow flies, keep your driveway and walkway clear of snow and ice to ensure a safe route for delivery people, pedestrians travelling to a bus stop or for dog walkers.

Residents can take it one step further by helping out neighbours who are older adults or persons with disabilities who may be unable to get out and shovel or apply salt to slippery surfaces.

Help keep your neighbourhood a safe place to work and play this winter.


Replanting City-Owned Street Trees Removed Due to EAB

To replenish Mississauga’s urban forest, all City-owned street and park trees that were removed due to Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) will be replanted. The priority is to replant trees on residential streets, followed by major roadways, industrial and commercial streets.

Street trees will be replanted approximately one year after the tree stump has been removed. The timing is based on the short planting season available and weather conditions. Residents will receive a notice when the tree is scheduled to be replanted. The notice will include the type of tree to be replanted.

The City’s Forestry Division carefully chooses what kind of tree to plant based on:

  • the trees’ function
  • the intended location
  • the soil conditions
  • growing space

Trees provide beauty and shade, they can help improve air quality and add economic value to your neighbourhood. In some cases, it may not be possible to replant a tree in the exact location as a result of changes in overhead or underground utility locations or space limitations. In these cases, trees will be replanted in the surrounding community and residents will be notified.

Check out the types of trees Forestry staff plant along streets.

For regular updates on EAB and the EAB Active Management Plan, visit the City’s website at

Follow Mississauga Parks and Forestry on Facebook and Twitter.