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Be idle-free and save

Idle-free Blitz in City of Mississauga A sure-fire way to save money is to drive less.  In Mississauga, we have a good transit system with convenient routes and excellent links to neighbouring cities. Organizations like Smart Commute also do a terrific job providing information about commuting options.

For those times you have to drive, what can you do?  One answer is to be idle-free.  Being idle-free means reducing the amount of time spent running the engine when your vehicle is parked.  You’ll use less gas, which saves you money.

There’s another benefit to being idle-free – better air quality.  Air pollution is a year-round problem.  Idling cars, trucks and buses, even lawnmowers and other gas powered small engines contribute contaminants to the air including carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, and volatile organic compounds, which worsens the air we breathe.  Those contaminants lead to smog, which can impact our health.

These tips will help you save gas and improve air quality:

  • Turn off your engine when you are parked.
  • Keep a well-tuned engine and follow suggested maintenance schedules.
  • Drive your vehicle to warm it up.
  • Drive moderately.  Aggressive starts and stops burn more gas and contribute to wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Plan your route.  If you need to run several errands, combine them into the same trip.
  • Drive less.  Use transportation alternatives like transit, carpooling, cycling and walking.

Get involved

  • REPORT IT – Residents of Mississauga can report excessive vehicle idling by calling 3-1-1 or (905) 615-4311 outside city limits.
  • STOP IT – To make a commitment to stop idling in Mississauga, please call 905-615-3200 ext. 4920 and request our Idle-Free promotional materials.
  • READ IT – To read the City of Mississauga Idling Control By-law please visit:
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